Fungicide for Increased Yields

Jun 25, 2024

Corn post-spraying is all but wrapped up and bean post-spraying is well underway. In a week to ten days chemicals will be applied. We will be turning our attention to the next step, getting this crop to the end.

For the most part, corn in this area looks great. It is starting to reach the rapid growth stage and will really start to grow with the warm temperatures predicted for the next week. Before long we will start seeing tassels and silk forming.

With how good this corn crop looks we need to make sure it can make it to the end. Adding a fungicide at tassel can help keep all the bushels in the field till harvest. Veltyma fungicide has a good residual and can protect your corn from diseases that you don’t even know are there. Gray leaf spot can damage your corn up to 19 days before it is even visual on the plant.

Veltyma also has a good rating on tar spot which has become more and more of a problem over the last few years. Fungicide on beans also has a very good ROI. You can expect a 4-to-5-bushel yield increase by applying a fungicide at theR3 stage. We have also seen an extra 1- to 2-bushel increase with an insecticide added with the fungicide.

This crop is in very good shape and a fungicide can help us get it to the finish line. Take the time to speak to an SFG agronomist on some fungicide options.