Time for Frost Seeding

Mar 01, 2021

The weather is starting to turn around and snow is melting off the fields. Now is a great time to take advantage of the freeze thaw cycles during the mornings and get some of those new seedings done. This process is called frost seeding and is a very good way to jump start new pasture seedings or interseeding into existing pasture and hay ground. Frost seeding works especially well for establishing Red Clover in both pasture and hay situations.

The benefits from frost seeding are being able to change composition of a pasture without the need for special equipment or much labor. Seedings are generally broadcast spread on frozen or partially frozen ground and uses the melting throughout the day to incorporate seeds. This type of seeding works best when pasture or hay is grazed or mowed short in the past fall to allow good seed to soil contact. Red Clover for instance is a very small seed and only needs to be incorporated ½ inch into the soil. This is easily achieved with frost seeding and can be used to add legumes to grass pastures. Other plant species that frost seed well are alfalfa, birdsfoot trefoil, perennial ryegrass and orchardgrass.

When you frost seed you also want to look at the fertility needs of your desired crop. Spreading seed with fertilizer is a very good way to get an even spread and a great time to make sure your pasture or hay gets a good start this spring. SFG has all the spreading equipment, seed and fertilizer to make your 2021 seeding successful. Reach out to us to talk about the benefits of frost seeding this spring.