Foliar Feed and Fungicide for Soybeans

Mar 28, 2022

Although post spraying beans is still a little ways away from today as we haven’t put a planter in the field yet I wanted to take some time today to discuss foliar feeds and fungicide. Nobody knows what the weather will deal us this growing season yet, but throughout my career at SFG these products have delivered a consistent ROI. There are many foliar feed products on the market some I have used and some I haven’t but the results from these cannot go unnoticed. These products provide the crop a little additional boost when we are close to blooming or getting ready to fill pods if it is added to the fungicide. Most of these products include a mix of macro and micro nutrients to meet the crops needs for the growth stage it is in. Fungicide on soybeans over my 10 years at SFG has been a very consistent ROI. We have done many check strips and took yield data and drone pictures to back them up over the years as well. It is one extra pass across the field but we seem to get a 3+ bushel response almost every time and at today’s futures markets that has the potential to put a better return in your pocket than we have seen in some years. Supplies on fungicide are tight this season though as they were to some degree last year too so if this is something you are looking at I would consider getting that product spoke for. As always if you have questions on any foliar products or fungicides contact your local SFG agronomist we would be happy to help.