Condensed Spraying Windows

May 16, 2022

The planters have finally hit the field and the 2022 spring season has broken loose. Temperatures last week were in the 90s and it was a mad rush to get the seed in the ground. Everyone who can plant has put seed in the ground, and we are running in all directions. In worked areas of the field corn has been emerging in 4 days. This is very good but also challenging to get all the weeds killed before crops come up. We are having to make some chemical changes but with all the options in corn/soybeans we will be able to keep fields clean. If 2,4-D is part of the pre emerge program in corn, make sure to take that out if corn is starting to come up. Many of the pre emerge products can still be used when corn has emerged, but 2,4-D is one that we need to switch. If sprayed this can lead to brittle stalks later in the growing season.

On soybeans most of the pre emerge products cannot be sprayed on emerged beans because they contain mode of actions that will hurt the soybeans. We have having to make some bigger switches on soybeans that have emerged but there are still many options. The biggest risk is spraying soybeans that are emerging and breaking off the cotyledons. Since soybean growing point is above the ground if we spray and break them off it will kill them. The best option is to wait until the first set of leaves have been developed. After this time soybeans are very pliable and will bend and come back up after run over with a floater tire. This is the best way to avoid seeing a poor stand in the wheel tracks.

Let any of us know at SFG is you have concerns with the short window for getting pre emerge products on this year. We are happy to help and out in the country as much as we can be. Everyone be safe and have a successful planting season.