Second-Round Spraying

May 30, 2023

From what I have seen in this area the crop is looking pretty good. For the most part, corn planting finished up last week and beans should finish up by the end of May. Second pass corn chemical is just getting under way and in the next two weeks we will start to spray the second pass on beans. Now is the time to scout your crop.

We overthink how to go about the second pass of chemicals. We used to wait until there were some weeds out in the field until we sprayed so we could feel like we accomplished something. Or we waited until the crop was taller so we could reach canopy sooner. Those days are gone, and they should be.

We now need to be more proactive in our chemical approach. We do not want to abuse the new chemistry that we have available. We need to use it wisely, by spraying early and often. By now the first pass of residual has run out of steam. This means it is time to spray again with a second residual to keep the weeds from coming up. Once that water hemp seed has sprouted, we are already behind the 8 ball. Layer the residuals so the weeds do not have a chance to germinate. Yes, this is easier said than done. If you have a pretty healthy crop of weeds in the field on your second pass, add more product to make sure the weed cannot survive the dose.  

SFG has certified crop advisors on staff to help you make your chemistry decisions when it comes to second pass. Give them a call to set up your second pass chemical needs.