Start Clean Stay Clean

May 01, 2023

It has been a good stretch of planting since the weather straightened out. A lot of the corn is in the ground and growers are planting beans at a good rate. With a little heat and rain, we will soon be able to start rowing corn.  Once planting does wrap up it will be time to start scouting your crops. We have had little moisture to activate pre chemicals that were applied. Take some time to make sure that weeds are not breaking through earlier than expected. Once the weeds do start to come up do not hesitate to pull the trigger on putting the second pass of chemical on. Weeds are getting harder and harder to kill every year, it is important to hit them when they are small. Yes, Enlist, Liberty and Dicamba have been game changers, but we do not want to abuse those products by trying to kill off label weeds. Make sure you apply a second residual with your second pass also. A second residual will keep those state fair weeds from coming up. The best way to keep a field clean is to start clean and spray in a timely matter. Chemicals are expensive but so is yield loss due to a weedy field. SFG applied chemicals come with a scouting service free of charge. When it comes time to apply your second pass of chemicals give SFG a call to discuss your options.