In-Season Nitrogen Application

May 29, 2024

Another couple rounds of rain have swept over the area this week. We started the season being bone dry and in a drought, now we have too much water. While it’s good that we’ve gotten our soil replenished with moisture, it would have been nice to have it spread out more.

I have taken a few calls over the week on whether or not all this rain will affect corn’s nitrogen needs. Excess moisture can cause nitrogen loss in fields by leaching or denitrification. We have had quite a bit of rain so there is a good chance that nitrogen problems could start showing up. Adding some in-season nitrogen is a pretty easy fix. SFG offers a couple different ways to do this. Top dressing treated urea of Amidis is a fast way to add extra nitrogen. The benefit of Amidis is the added sulfur that will be available to the plant. We can also knife in 32% but it does take longer to apply a field.

We also have a product called SRN23B. This is a slow-release nitrogen that can be added in on your second pass of chemical on your corn. I have seen fields green up the next day after application and you would be getting a little boron also. There are options out there if you think you may have some nitrogen deficiencies. Give your SFG agronomist a call and we can go over some options.