Increasing Profit per Acre

May 06, 2024

If you’re like most other farmers, you’ve often asked yourself, Is there anything I can do to optimize my corn yields and increase profitability on my acres?

There are a few easy, economical things you can do to ensure the plants have enough nutrients to optimize your corn yield. One of them, tissue sampling, is an inexpensive investment.  This helps us find any limiting nutrients on your individual fields. With tissue samples taken at V5 and tassel, we can get information to help find nutrient deficiencies. We can then supplement the plants either by dry fertilizer or liquid foliar options. Tissue samples also test for numerous micronutrients. We can address deficiencies here with sulfur, dry nitrogen, or liquid foliar with a fungicide pass.

If you’re just needing a boost of nitrogen to get you through the summer, we have several ways to add it. We can spread with our row crop dry machine, side dress liquid nitrogen, or can use an airplane to get your nutrients applied.

Talk to your local SFG agronomist about ways that we can increase profitability by adding bushels to your farm!