Fall NH3 Application

Nov 01, 2021

Fall Andydrous application is getting very close to starting here in South Central Iowa. As of 10/31/2021 the 4-inch soil temperature in Marion county was 49 degrees. This comes from Iowa State University soil temperature information. Under 50 degrees is when we are safe to start fall NH3 applications. With the current weather forecast of colder weather and the use of stabilizers, I would be comfortable with applying nitrogen starting this week if the ground is ready to go. We saw over 3 inches of rainfall last week so we have some time before field conditions will be dry enough for NH3 applications.

SFG also has the capability to variable rate apply anhydrous. This could be very important this year with high input costs because we can apply more fertilizer in areas where we can get more yield and less in tough areas that will never be high yielding. This will increase ROI in all parts of the field. Our No-till bars have the capability to variable rate and it’s just another way SFG is making a difference out in the fields. Ask your local agronomist about the benefits of variable rate nitrogen and how to maximize your fall NH3 applications.