Hybrids and Varieties for 2022

Nov 29, 2021

Throughout the fall SFG performs many hybrids and variety test plots. This year has been extremely important to find the hybrids that work best for each field because 2022 ROI is going to be tighter than 2021. Through this farm testing and small plot work I have found a few hybrids and varieties that should be looked at for 2022.

To start with on the Dekalb side DKC 65-95 has had a huge year. We have been able to place this hybrid anywhere and it has performed very well. It is 115 day and later than we usually look at in our northern territory but the drydown has been quick and it has only been about a point wetter than 112/113 day products. 65-95 is a top end priced item but has been one that the ROI has outweighed the higher price.

Two products that have impressed me this year that are modestly priced are Dekalb 61-98 and Croplan 5115. Both products are 112 day and have been running with all the top end hybrids. We had a plot by Pleasantville that these hybrids won and yielded 250+ bu/ac in the plot strips. These are the types of hybrids that can be put with a seed package to bring the price down but also will perform well in our territory.

On the soybean side products that are standing out in our lineup are Merschman Mckinley and Kennedy, as well as Asgrow 31XF2 and 35XF1. On the Merschman side the Mckinley soybean is a 3.2 maturity but was running with yields of 3.6 maturities everywhere I saw it. We did find it more difficult to combine this year because the stems stayed green long into October. I do believe this was a function on the year and whenever we have higher yields, we need to expect more difficult combine conditions. Asgrow 31XF2 is a new 3.1 maturity soybeans that fills in a gap that Asgrow had. I’m excited about this product going into 2022. It has showed up with good standability and yield throughout our northern territory.

These are just a few of the go to hybrids and varieties that we have in our lineup. Ask your SFG Agronomist about your seed needs and we will have a recommendation tailored to your farm. We can generally hit most price points, but we will always talk about ROI first. That “cheap seed” might be the most expensive because it can cost you yield potential in 2022.