Keep Input Decisions In Mind

Nov 08, 2021

Despite some wet conditions harvest is starting to get wrapped up in my area and it looks like the next two weeks should finish many growers up. I wanted to take a little time today to remind everyone of early pay seed deadlines coming up later this month. Many growers I have talked to have been weighing the options of what to do with high fertilizer costs mainly with the nitrogens this year so beans have been looking like safer bet for 2022. No one knows where the markets will go but one thing is for certain you have to do what is best for your unique situation on your farm.

Many companies are offering low or no interest financing on seed until harvest of next season. If we are concerned about high pricing and possibly having to cut costs, cutting out paying interest is a great way to save some money and not sacrifice anything. There is also a program to finance fertilizer through John Deere Finance for 90 days at 0% which allows you to purchase fertilizer now and pay up to 90 days later with no interest charges. This program has been pretty popular so far this fall. Hopefully 2022 wont have as many curveballs as 2021 did, but no one knows for sure how it will turn out. If you have questions on any input pricing or would like to talk about one of the programs I mentioned above contact your local SFG agronomist.