Optimize Yields to Lower Costs

Nov 22, 2021

With the ever-increasing cost of inputs, it is more vital than ever to be certain that we are doing as much as we possibly can to optimize our yields. This is not as simple as it sounds: A fertility program to create as much value as possible, a chemical program to keep weeds under control, and planting the right seed on the right acre to optimize yield. 

One of the easiest ways to optimize the return on all our investment is to be certain that our initial investment of getting the right seed planted on your farm at the correct population. SFG agronomists are all trained to help you get the hybrid that will optimize the most value out of each acre. We also have a seed specialist in Derrick Hoodjer, who is more than willing to go the extra mile to get the right seed on your farm and write a VRT seeding plan to optimize populations across your fields.

I often hear the comment “that bag of corn is too expensive.” There are many things to consider on the value of a bag of seed. At SFG we offer many different hybrids of corn and varieties of beans to create a whole farm package to offer as much possible return on every acre and fight to produce a little more yield on those tough acre farms that everyone has. In these packages we offer different price points to help average the cost of seed/acre, as not every seed is a fit for all your acres.

In the the choice of seed we also need to consider which herbicide trait we may need to control some pesky weed problems, especially in soybeans.

Talk to your local SFG agronomist today to work on your plan for getting a whole farm seed package to optimize the return on all your input cost this growing season.