Post-Harvest Seed Evaluations

Nov 07, 2022

Harvest is wrapping up in my area, and as I write this we are starting fall NH3 and dry fertilizer spreading. There is a weather event looking to move into our area over the weekend that could slow field work down a few days, but I think most will look at the rain as a welcome sight. We have had a good run of dry weather that has allowed harvest to move along at a fast pace. As harvest gets finished up I wanted to take some time to discuss seed today. 2022 was a dry year and there have been some very distinct differences in corn varieties in how they handled this for standability as well as yield. Also it seems that the fuller maturity soybeans have been better than the mid group 3 beans that we typically plant. One thing we can count on is that next year will be different but it is important to look at how different varieties handle adversity to better spread risk in the future. Give your local SFG office a call to discuss how we can help you solve these problems.