The Importance of Seed Selection

Nov 15, 2022

Harvest is all but wrapped up in this area. There are still a few pockets of corn around the countryside, and I know of one bean field, but for the most part combines are put away and growers are back to gathering at their local coffee shop in the mornings. There were some very colorful yield maps this year with some really good crop on the better ground and some not-so-great yields on the marginal to poorer ground. Seed selection made a big difference with this year’s weather pattern and the yield maps seemed to show it. There are a lot of things to consider for next years inputs and one of the first things that should be decided on is seed. It is very rare that one corn hybrid can be run across all acres. I like to see a package of three to four hybrids. A good work horse for the marginal ground, a couple different racehorses for the better dirt and a solid hybrid for fields that contain both. Soybeans are no different. It is important to choose hybrids on maturity and traits. Space out the maturity of the beans so not all are ready at the same time. A soybean isn’t just a soybean anymore, each variety is different and should be placed accordingly. SFG has a seed specialist on staff who knows the hybrids in and out and can help you make the right seed decisions for your field. Before placing your seed order for next years crop, take the time to give your SFG agronomist a call to set up a time to discuss your seed options.