Grid Sample to Save Input Costs

Oct 18, 2021

The weather has been great and the crop is coming out at a very good pace. From what everyone has told me the corn is doing phenomenal and the beans are much above average. Many growers have told me that this is the best corn they have ever raised. Another common thing I am hearing is the concern on how much nutrients we are taking out of the dirt with this big of a crop. Many are asking if we need to put more fertilizer on to make up for the mining that probably happened.  The answer is more than likely yes. The only problem with that is the hike in fertilizer prices that has happened recently. 

To help with this problem I would look at grid sampling your fields to help make fertilizer recommendations. We probably did mine some areas of the field but there are probably some other areas of the field that could have a surplus of nutrients. Many times, we can cut fertilizer rates down and save some money that way. It will also help put the fertilizer in the right place.

Grid sampling will also help us with lime recommendations. Much of the time the whole field does not need lime. Many times, along road edges the pH is at a good number and we do not need to spread lime there.  There has been many times where the grid sampling more than paid for itself with the reduced lime amounts.   Once your fields are empty, take the time to talk to your SFG agronomist about lining up grid sampling for your fields.