Consider VRT or Zone Spreading Fertilizer

Oct 10, 2022

Harvest is starting to come along pretty well in my area as I write this and it seems like every day there is a little bit more activity. As yield reports come in I am hearing that the dry summer is making yields variable in some areas especially in soybeans. With fertilizer costs still on the higher end that we have seen this may be a good year to look into zone spreading or a combination of VRT soil test and yield. By doing this we can split out the higher productivity areas of the fields and put more fertilizer on them and a little less on the areas that didn’t produce as well. We have talked for years that VRT lime spreading is a great way not to over apply lime and add extra cost and this is the same concept applied to fertilizer. These maps are easy to build and we can compare cost on this to a conventional straight spread. Derrick does a lot of work with this within SFG and if this is something you are interested in contact your local SFG agronomist to set up a time to look at this program.