Is It Time to Put On Fall NH3?

Oct 31, 2022

With November coming around very quickly here SFG is now looking at fall nitrogen applications. We’ve had many questions this year about dry conditions and if NH3 will seal. Based on the weather now I see no reason that we will fight too dry of weather. Last week we caught 1.5 inches of rain and where we tested putting on NH3 it was almost too wet. Now with some more rain chances at the end of this week we should not have issues with NH3 sealing based on dry soil conditions.

The next question is, is it too warm to put on NH3? The answer is it depends. The soil temps currently are hovering 50-53 degrees but there are some warm days coming up. The textbook says wait until soil temps are 50 degrees and declining. We should have no issue achieving this next week by the current weather forecast. If NH3 does go on this week I don’t see any issues coming up if stabilizer is used because stabilizers can stick around for 90 days in the soil. Especially in situations where we are split applying nitrogen I see no reason to not get started this week. If you have any questions regarding NH3 applications reach out to your SFG agronomist to go over the pros and cons.