Protect Your Nitrogen Investment

Oct 18, 2022

Harvest is well under way in this trade area. Yields are coming out variable with the lighter soils taking a hit with the drier growing season. If the weather holds harvest will be wrapped up in a couple weeks and dry fertilizer and nitrogen applications will be taking place soon. Before applying your dry fertilizer and nitrogen take some time to consider how you can protect your investment for the next crop. Using a nitrogen stabilizer like Function will help protect your nitrogen so it will be there for the corn come spring. Nitrogen is at an all-time high and your investment needs to be protected. It is like having crop insurance. We can also add some things in your dry fertilizer mix to increase your ROI. MicroSync Pro is a product that has sulfur, zinc, manganese, and boron that is applied 10 to 40 pounds to the acre. We are mostly running this product at 10 pounds to the acre. With just a 5-bushel increase (we have seen anywhere from 5 to 15 bushel yield increase) you would get a pretty good ROI. Sulfur is another thing that should be added to your dry fertilizer this fall. Sulfur should be added anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds per acre. Yes, inputs are high, but the markets are still in good shape. One way to combat high input prices is to out bushel it. Take some time with your SFG agronomist this fall to discuss ways to protect your investments and raise your yields.