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Don't Forget Micronutrients

September 13, 2021

Harvest is rapidly approaching and before long there will be corn and beans both ready to come out of the field. Fall is a very busy time of year for growers and us here at SFG and I wanted to take a little time today to discuss fall fertilizers and adding micronutirents to our dry blends this fall. Sulfur is a nutrient that is sometimes forgot about but is needed especially in alfalfa and corn. A good rule to go with is for every 10# of applied nitrogen to corn it needs 1# of sulfur as well. We also have products such as boron, and blended products such as microsync pro and microsync basic that blend and spread well with fertilizer and provide a mix of essential nutrients to your crop. If you are considering fall application of fertilizer this year give your local SFG agronomist a call to discuss adding micro’s to that blend.
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