Strategize your Harvest

Sep 20, 2021

Things are starting to change in my area, and I even saw someone cutting beans earlier this week.  With the dry weather the crops seem to be drying down well and beans are starting to drop their leaves.  Before long combines will be moving and crops will be taken out.  The next few days will be a good time to check out your fields to see what needs to be taken out first and what can wait. 

We all would like to let our corn sit in the field to dry down but sometimes that is not a good idea.  We need to find the fields that may not be standing the best so we can optimize the yield that is out there.  There is nothing more frustrating than combining down corn.  Take some time to check each field of corn to see what fields have the best stand and can wait until the tail end to take out.  If you have a field that is not standing as well it is a good idea to get it out as soon as you can to avoid further headache.

By checking our fields, we can also start taking notes on what kind of seed to buy for next year.  We may want to stay away from the hybrid that is falling apart and look for a better fit.  Now is a good time to start making our plan for this year’s harvest and next years crop.  Your local SFG agronomist is more than happy to check out some fields with you.