Monitor Your Yields

Sep 20, 2022

A few of the growers in my area are starting to shell corn. More are going to start next week. From what I have seen, the corn is doing a little better than expected. It is disappointing that the crop will not be as good as last year, but there will still be a crop to harvest. While out in your combine there a couple things you can do besides stare at your yield monitor. 

Take notes on what hybrids are doing well and what ones are falling behind. Yes, a yield monitor will do that for you, but a yield monitor can not tell you everything. Keep track of how the corn is standing and how it is shelling. Is your 112-day hybrid acting more like a 115-day? Is the test weight kind of light on one hybrid versus the other? Keeping good notes will help you make your seed decisions for the next year. The same needs to be done with soybeans. 

When the time does come to make your seed selections your notes can help you and your agronomist come up with the best seed package for your fields. SFG offers Dekalb and Croplan corn along with Merschman, Asgrow and Croplan beans. We can use your notes and our experience to come up with a great seed package for next years crop.