Micronutrients in Fall Fertilizer

Sep 25, 2023

Many areas have started to harvest corn, and many farmers are starting to think about fall fertilizer. A lot of us are experiencing above average corn yields, and we must feed our soil to grow a crop again next year. While we are addressing soil fertility, do not forget about micronutrients.

Lack of micronutrients can be a severe limiting factor in nutrient uptake. Sulfur has proven to be a nutrient that we have been lacking for several years. Sulfur is available in many forms and can be applied in a wide range of methods, such as dry, liquid, or foliar. Elemental sulfur is an easy product to blend with fertilizer to get to our crops. Elemental sulfur does not break down as rapidly as other forms. If applied annually or biannually it works very well as a sulfur source.

We also have a dry micro product that contains sulfur, manganese, boron, zinc, and calcium, and sulfur. This micro pack performs very well when mixed in with a dry fertilizer & elemental sulfur blend. The sulfur in the micro package gives an early boost until the elemental sulfur makes its way through the soil profile. This combination also gives enough boron, manganese, zinc, and calcium to feed a good crop.

Contact your local SFG agronomist to discuss fall fertilizer, sulfur, and micronutrient needs for fall application. Be sure to have a safe fall season!