Why use Hubbard’s Blueprint mineral?

Dec 27, 2021

The Blueprint mineral program is a cutting-edge trace mineral nutrition program formulated to positively influence the genetic potential of cattle through all phases of production.  Blueprint is based on the belief that the form of the nutrient provided to the animal is just as important as the level of supplementation.  The Blueprint program is one of the highest researched and tested programs in the feed industry today.  In fact the Blueprint mineral is one of very few that are allowed to be used in Europe where the company has to prove that their mineral’s utilization is maximized by the animal to greatly reduce the amount of mineral being eliminated by the animal into the environment. 

Organic trace minerals are becoming more and more popular and that is great because this form of mineral has shown to support early conception and enhances the quality of colostrum for healthier calves.  But there are differences, the Blueprint organic trace mineral proteinates resemble those found naturally in plant proteins which will enhance the genetic potential in your cattle.  Try the Blueprint mineral program and you will see the difference.