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The SFG agronomy team strives to build strong working relationships with our producers. Whether your tillage and crop nutrient application practices haven’t changed much over the years, or you’re looking to take advantage of the very latest in technology and precision farming practices, we’ll work with you where you’re at today.



When you sit down with a SFG agronomist for the first time, you’ll notice we ask a lot of questions. Our goal is to learn as much as we possibly can about your management philosophy, the agronomic challenges you face and your short- and long-term goals— before we make any suggestions ourselves.

The second thing you’ll notice is that just because we have a conversation doesn’t mean you have to buy something, or change the way you like to do things. Sometimes a conversation is just a conversation.

And the third thing you’ll notice is that, like you, we’re in business for the long haul. We’d like our kids and grandkids to take over for us someday. And that means keeping up with the times, working harder than our competitors and being good stewards of what our parents and grandparents have built.

Service is our Specialty


We have expanded the products and services we offer over the years by listening to our customers. If you have expectations that aren’t being met by current suppliers, we invite you to talk to a SFG agronomist. They serve as the quarterback of the SFG team to make sure you get the products and services you need, when you need them.

SFG Agronomy Products: Crop Nutrients, Herbicides, Insecticides & Fungicides

SFG Agronomy Services

Our Agronomy Services include:

• Field Mapping

• Grid Soil Sampling

• Variable Rate Application

• Tissue Sampling

• Split Fertilizer Application

• Crop Scouting and Consulting

• Custom Application

• Drone Services



Super Grow is an economical nitrogen source for pastures and other agronomic uses with several unique and beneficial characteristics.

• 6.5-0.5-1-4(S) ANALYSIS

• 130-10-20-80(S) / Ton

• Attaches to the soil (positive charge ion) and must be released by soil micro-organisms to be in the nitrate form (same process that anhydrous ammonia goes through.)

• Nitrogen form is 80% ammonium, 20% organic.

• Super Grow is not susceptible to volatility like other nitrogen sources.

• Contains Phosphate, Potassium, and Sulfur while producing comparable yields to other forms of nitrogen without leaching in the winter.

• Liquid formula, professionally applied.

• Environmentally friendly and safe.

• Organic material attaches to the soil and will not hurt earthworms.


SFG and its team of agronomists have been at the forefront of sustainable farming practices for many years. In fact, President Max Smith served on the committee that established the Iowa Research and Education Council, and is willing to talk about ways to mitigate nutrient losses to anyone who will listen.

Buffer strips, cover crops, variable-rate and split fertilizer applications are all part of the conversation, as well as precision farming, which really helps SFG customers dial in precise fertilizer placement based on soil type, organic matter, yield mapping, hybrid selection and other variables.

But the agronomic team at SFG are also pragmatists, and willing to work with growers where they’re at today. Some older farmers who don’t have a son or daughter who is comfortable with new technology coming back to join the operation, might not be willing or able to make the changes that are necessary to incorporate precision farming practices. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things they can do to better manage nutrient losses, protecting the state’s soil and water resources for future generations.

For an honest, non-judgmental assessment of where you’re at on your farm today, contact a SFG agronomist today. We’d be happy to help establish some benchmarks for your property, and to set some achievable sustainability goals that fit with the way you farm today.

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