Planning 2023 Chemical

Dec 12, 2022

It has a very busy fall. Dry weather has allowed us to put on a majority of the NH3 and we are all but caught up on dry fertilizer. Some needed rain fell over the area over night, and more is expected next week. With the fields being too wet to be in it is a good time to start thinking about your chemical needs for the next growing season.

As always, I recommend a two-pass program on beans. A good foundation is a must. Yes, chemical prices are high, but having a weedy field will cut into your margins more than you think. Start with a full rate of residual (add 24d and roundup if needed) and plan to follow up with a second pass 25 to 30 days after the first residual is applied. We used to wait until all the weeds were up for the second pass, now we like to layer the second residual, so they do not have a chance to germinate.

Like beans, a two-pass program is best. Start with a good foundation and plan to come back at the v3 to v5 stage with a second residual. A two-pass program on corn will allow you to add some foliar fertilizer if the crop is lacking certain nutrients.

SFG has chemical programs for Enlist and Xtendflex soybeans and many options for corn chemicals. We also have a scouting program to make sure your fields are sprayed at the right time. Give your SFG agronomist a call to discuss chemical programs for the 2023 crop season.