Managing Your Bulls' Nutrition

Apr 19, 2021

Turn out is just around the corner and with it comes breeding season. We rightfully put most of our attention on the importance of the cow’s nutrition that we sometimes forget just how important it is to ensure the bulls nutritional plan is maximized as well. You have made a sizable investment into your operation, both financially and in the genetic and reproductive performance of your cow herd once the bulls are purchased. The care and management of the bulls under your care will determine the full potential of your investment.

Even if the bulls are in good shape, a mineral supplement is still necessary and is critical for the maximizing fertility. Mature sperm cells are produced over a 60-day period prior to breeding, and it is critical that bulls are consuming high quality mineral supplementation daily to insure top performance.

One of the best ways to ensure your bulls are getting what they need is to provide Crystalyx feed tubs. It has been proven that livestock will visit a molasses- based tub daily over 95% of the time versus dry mineral supplements 50 to 60% time daily. The Crystalyx Brigade tub is a popular supplement for bulls, as it delivers a high level of trace minerals and vitamins, with some of the trace minerals as Bioplex. For the most advanced technology available in a supplement, the Blueprint line is recommended.

These palatable molasses-based supplements will encourage consumption while controlling intake, allowing bulls to move around and come back for more. As they are available 24/7, self-fed supplements also help eliminate competition between bulls at the feed bunk, which in turn will help minimize the risk of injury to your bulls as they prepare for breeding season.

The genetically advanced cattle we select today can only perform as well as we manage and support them through a proper health and nutrition program. Be sure to contact your local SFG feed representative for more information.