Spring Forage Supplementation

Apr 04, 2022

The weather is transitioning from cold to warm. However, the grass is not yet growing enough to sustain the livestock. We are still having to feed hay. Lick tubs are still a good option for supplementing the livestock’s nutritional needs, while helping to stretch the available hay supply.

Crystalyx BGF-30 is a complete, self-fed supplement specially formulated for cattle consuming fresh or stored moderate to low quality forages.  BGF-30 combines rumen degradable protein, rumen bypass protein and non-protein nitrogen in an energy-rich, mineral-dense, weather-resistant package.

EnergiLass 32 is a protein, mineral and vitamin supplement designed to complement the diet of cattle grazing medium to low quality pasture, hay or other forage. This product includes protein from non-protein nitrogen in the form of urea.
Contact your local SFG office for your Crystalyx or EnergiLass tubs. Thank you for your business.