Keep More of What You Grow

Aug 09, 2021

The summer is flying by and in a couple of weeks it will be time to start chopping silage. If put up right, corn silage is an excellent feed with high levels of energy and digestibility.

There are several factors that can help you maximize the value of your corn silage, such as, length of cut, height of the stock, adequate packing and covering your pile. However, nothing is more important than harvesting your silage at the right moisture level. Ideal moisture levels for bunker or piled silage are 65% to 70%, and upright silos and bags can be 60% to 65% and they only way to know for sure is to take samples and dry it down to determine dry matter content. There is only one shot at harvesting the optimal corn silage for your cows, and deciding when to cut could determine the packing capacity, the potential of optimal fermentation and more importantly, the digestibility and value of the nutritional profile. 

SFG has a product called Bullet Proof which is a forage preservative that enhances fermentation of stored forage products. It reduces the heating caused by yeast, mold and undesirable bacteria that grow in the presence of oxygen. Bullet Proof is an oxygen scavenger that will greatly reduce the growth of these organisms resulting in less loss and increased digestibility. 

Feed costs are high, and you already have a great deal invested in growing and harvesting the crop. Maximize your quantity and quality of your silage but selecting the best time to harvest and adding Bullet Proof Forage Preservative.