Feed Calves Now, More Profit Later

Aug 14, 2023

With the dry conditions we experienced earlier this year, few producers in my trade area have enough feed to get them through until fall. Those that have little or no grass may have been forced to downsize their herds. This isn’t something you want to do. Feeder cattle will be in short supply as we move forward and it will take time to get a good herd built up again.
Spend a little more on feed now for a bigger return later. Cattle markets will be very good for at least two more years, with futures into next Spring showing $186. Buy feed, keep your cattle, and get a bigger return later.
We have creep pellets for early weaned calves, tubs with protein and energy for cows on pasture, Ionolyx tubs with Bovatec for calves and replacement heifers, and regular bulk pelleted creep for calves.
If you have to wean calves earlier than normal, we have a specialized complete starter feed to give to them before moving to creep. This product is called Advantage First Feed 13 MON50. It’s fed at a rate of 2-8 pounds per head per day and supplies 50-200mg of Monensin, which helps the calf develop and grow.
Give me a call at 641-218-4232, or call Sara at 641-942-6223 on how SFG can help you profit!