Colostrum for Newborn Calf Success

Feb 01, 2021

Looking out the window this morning, it is hard to believe we will be calving soon, if not already. No matter how many precautions we take, we still end up with a calf that needs a little assistance immediately after birth. If you are one to “give them a little milk replacer to get them by until they get up to nurse” you should consider the following.

Dr. Brian Vander Lay, of University of Nebraska Veterinary Education Center, says “that is a bad idea, and here is why. As soon as newborn calves get that first meal in their stomach- even just a small one- their gut wall begins to close and they lose their ability to absorb the antibodies in colostrum necessary for immunity. To optimize antibody absorption and immunity for newborn calves, you have a 4 hour window to get them started off right. Colostrum should be the first thing that goes in the calf’s mouth. Never give probiotics or anything else before colostrum.”

When calves need supplemented colostrum, they need a full dose. If it is coming from the cow, milk as much out as you can to feed the calf. If you are purchasing your supplemental colostrum, it should contain 100-150 grams of antibody in a full dose. Make sure you are using a colostrum replacement, not a colostrum supplement. You should also make sure it contains “Dried Colostrum”. Bottle feeding is preferred to a stomach tube because the suckling process encourages the rumen to close. This allows the colostrum to bypass the rumen to the intestines for absorption. Tubing will deposit the colostrum into the rumen which slows the absorption process.

Managing cow body condition score to be a 5 or 6 results in fewer newborn calf issues. These cows will give birth more quickly, they produce better colostrum, the calves get up quicker, and they will receive better antibody protection.

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