Calving Success with Blueprint Mineral

Feb 20, 2023

Calving season is here, and we need to make sure we’re giving our cattle all the nutrients and minerals they need. Blueprint Cow Calf 5 with Bio-Mos is a great way to do that. All the trace minerals within are chelated, which allows for better cow health and breeding.

Start feeding two to three weeks before calving and keep feeding it clear through birth. Selenium yeast will pass through the placenta to the calf, so they will be born with high selenium status for health and immune growth.  After birth, Bio-Mos reduces calf scours and improves the IGG of the mothers’ milk.

I’ve been recommending this product for years and have gotten consistently positive feedback from producers. It gets eaten well, increases re-breeding, and reduces calf health problems. Give me a call at 641-218-4232 to discuss how investing in Blueprint Mineral can increase your bottom line!

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