Calving Season Supplies

Jan 18, 2021

For some of you calving season is coming up and now would be a good time to check your supplies. It is always highly recommended to have some colostrum on hand before calving season. Colostrum needs to be given to the newborn calf with in 24hrs of hitting the ground. This only needs to be feed if the cow has trouble claiming the calf or for some other reason that the calf is not feeding off the cow. Another product that is good to keep on hand is called Opti-calf Paste. It is used for the treatment of scours. It comes in a plastic tube and is squeezed into the calf’s mouth. Customers really like this product. They start by purchasing one or two to try the product out and almost always come back for more. This products shelf life lasts over a year so it is a good idea to have a few at your disposal.

A product that I would suggest feeding before calves start hitting the ground is one of our breed up tubs. These tubs are specifically made for before and after breeding season, while also for before and during calving season. These tubs make sure your cattle receive the correct amount of protein and vitamins to get them through the increased stressed times.

All of these products are available at our SFG locations. Stop in at one of our locations or look on our website to get in contact with one of our salesman.