Getting Bulls Ready to Perform

Jan 04, 2021

Even though breeding season may be months away, winter is the time to make sure your bulls will be ready to perform when that time gets here. To start with, mature bulls should have a body condition score (BCS) of 6 and yearlings should be at 6.5 BCS. Proper condition increases their ability to perform; thinner bulls will have less fertility and over-conditioned bulls will have a lower libido. During the course of a breeding season bulls will typically lose 1-2 BCS points. Yearling bulls need a little more condition because they are still growing and tend to be more active than older bulls. That extra condition will help make their first breeding season easier. We demand high performance out of our bulls so having them in condition gives them a chance to perform up to expectations.

If we start now, putting weight on bulls is much easier than waiting until closer to turn out. If they are in good condition now, you may get by with high quality hay and a lick tub. If they need to add condition you may need to feed a high energy supplement as well. Make sure to offer a good mineral with a breeder or trace mineral pack in it. Trace minerals are essential for reproductive health. Another thing they need is a dry bedded place out of the wind to escape the cold winter weather. Then before turn out they all need to receive a breeding soundness exam to make sure they are ready to go.

Start now so you won’t be playing catch up during calving season. See us at Smith Fertilizer and Grain for all your needs. Whether it is a tub and breeder mineral, or if you need to develop a ration to supplement your bulls this winter, we are here for you.