Making Calving Profitable

Jan 25, 2021

For many, calving season is fast approaching. Reproductive efficiency has long been recognized as the most important aspect of commercial beef production. In today’s environment, a producer must average a calf crop of more than 85% to meet production expenses. As calf crop percentage drops, crossbreeding, superior genetics and sound management become insignificant. Unfortunately, today many beef cattle producers are paying for the privilege of being in the cattle business, but a few innovative operation changes could significantly improve profit potential. A producer should have a goal of a 95% calf crop during a 60 day calving season, with a 500 pound plus average weaning weight. Every day past 60 days, reduces the calves ability to gain pounds before weaning, and as we all know the later calves have more and more health issues that turn into chronic doers that are not efficient and cost more per head in treatment costs.

A successful rebreeding program depends on many factors. Most important are the body condition of the cows and heifers at the time of calving and providing proper nutrition after calving. As nutrition gets more precise, we begin to target the animal not only for current performance, but also for future performance and benefits that can be passed down through generations.

The BluePrint Nutrition program is the next step in the evolution of nutrition. Understanding the animal at the cellular level and focusing on the requirements needed to get the desired results, Blueprint offers the opportunity to make performance and profitability a precise science. The Blueprint Nutrition Program contains the ingredients needed to shift nutrient profiles in practical diets toward more functional, usable forms that better meet animal’s needs. “Biology Meets Nutrition.”  The Blueprint program incorporates BIOPLEX organic trace minerals which are better absorbed, stored and utilized by the animal, thereby helping to meet the higher nutrient needs of today’s cattle, especially during critical periods like the 30 to 45 days before and 60 days after calving. Supported by more than 21 years of research, BIOPLEX organic trace minerals provides mineral nutrition in a form as close to nature as possible.

The Blueprint minerals are available in a wide range of loose or feed tubs. Contact your SFG feed representative to discover how Blueprint mineral can benefit your program and help you meet your goals and profitability this coming year.