Rumensin for Increased Profits

Jan 08, 2024

Have you considered feeding Rumensin to your beef cattle? There are a number of profit-boosting benefits you should be aware of. First, feeding Rumensin reduces the days from calving to conception. You’ll have more bred heifers and thereby more calves to sell at the sale barn. You’ll also gain up to 19 pounds per calf by sale time!

Your dry matter intake will decrease by up to 6% on Rumensin-balanced feeds. Less money spent on feed means more dollars kept in your wallet. The cost to feed Rumensin in a ration to 100 cows is $730. At current prices, the extra income on those cows from gained weight is $7200. This means a small investment in feed will bring you a profit of $6500. Folks, it’s a no-brainer.

If you prefer, we also have Rumensin minerals and lick tubs. These provide the same benefits as Rumensin in your feed ration, just in a different form.

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