NutriVantage and Heat Stress

Jul 11, 2022

By Kent Nutrition Group - Reprinted with Permission

We have talked on numerous occasions about using NutriVantage® (NV) to stimulate intake in new cattle and as a combination product with Optaflexx® for finishing cattle. The data I am presenting here are a bit of a review, but since now is the time to talk about heat stress, it is a good refresher to share again.

The first table was a trial done in NW Iowa during the hot summer of 2012 at a customer who feeds several thousand head of cattle at their facility. There were about 1300 head of black commercial cross-bred cattle split into 6 pens with 3 pens receiving NV and three control pens.

As you can see, the NV cattle ate a little more than 1.5 lb more daily dry matter feed. This resulted in about .27 lb more ADG. The economics are about 17¢ for the NV and an additional 12¢ or so for the extra feed. So at $150 fat cattle, they were still 10¢ per head per day better than the controls.

The second table represents a field study done in Central Minnesota with PDB customer. There were 121 single-source cattle that were simply split into two pens. They weighed around 800 lb or so during this study. One pen received a popular competitive product that is fed to reduce shipping shrink on fat cattle. The competitive product also claims to help reduce heat stress and its negative effect on feed intake. Since many of our producers use this competitive product, we wanted to see how NV stacked up during a period of heat stress. There was no attempt to compare either product’s effect on shipping shrink. As you can see from the data, NV-fed cattle actually had higher DMI than the competitive product. This was not an attempt to necessarily outperform, but rather to discover if NV had just as good an impact on feed intake during heat stress as the competitive product. In this study, NV out-performed the competitive product at approximately 40% of the cost.

NOTE: The product tested in this research was named BoVantage® . In 2019, the name changed to NutriVantage® , however all ingredients remained the same. All research findings for the product formerly named BoVantage apply to NutriVantage.