Creep and Lick Tubs

Jul 10, 2023

Sporadic rains are helping to revive some of the pastures in the area. To stretch what grass is available, supplementation of the livestock may be required. An ideal way to do this is with creep feed and lick tubs.

Creep feeding of the young will help take some of the stress off the mothers in the pastures. SFG stocks bagged and bulk creep feeds, both pelleted and mixed. We rent creep feeders as well and can deliver them to your farm if needed.
Feeding lick tubs can also help to stretch the pastures. SFG has Crystalyx and EnergiLass lick tubs in stock for all different types of livestock, ranging from 250# for large herds to 25# for small hobby operations. These tubs contain vitamins, minerals, and supplements necessary to help your animals grow.
Contact your local SFG office today for your creep feed and lick tub needs!