Summer Forage Supplementation

Jun 14, 2021

As I am writing this blog on June 9th, things are looking pretty good. After our earlier rains, pastures are green and full of grass, haying conditions are great and cows and calves seem to be doing well. However, conditions can go south very rapidly. We have just gone through a week of very hot temperatures with little to no moisture and unfortunately the outlook is for continuing heat and little chance of rain. With the prices of commodities at an all time high it is vitally important that we maximize our forage utilization.   

Two products should be considered as possible solutions in planning for future courses of action in the coming weeks and months ahead:   

First, using Crystalyx feed tubs. The nutrients, licking action and buffering found in the tubs will help the cow be more efficient in forage utilization which can stretch pasture stocking an additional 10 to 15%. As pastures and forages become less desirable the tubs are even more important and effective. 

Second, feeding calf creep. This will also help stretch pastures by taking some of the burden from the cow allowing her to keep her condition better and longer. Creep will also add more pounds to your calves as well. 

With costs of production so high a producer needs to consider these 3 questions before deciding to purchase a product or service: 

  1. Will the product increase my profitability (ROI)? 

  1. Will the product lower my risk?

  1. Will the product make my life easier?

I think if you take a real hard look at the two products I mentioned above, I believe both products will be able to check all three boxes. 

Finally, be safe and think rain!