Summertime Pest Control

Jun 27, 2022

The sporadic rains have been a blessing to some areas after the recent heat wave passed through. The livestock are enjoying the brief cool spells we have been getting. However, the livestock are greatly annoyed by the number of flies that have appeared.  Some of the tools available to combat the fly situation are Rabon, Clarifly, Altosid, and even garlic. Rabon, Clarifly, and Altosid interrupt the fly life cycle by not allowing larvae to develop in manure. Garlic acts as a fly repellant. When the livestock ingest it, the smell deters pests from gathering around their faces.

We offer many varieties of mineral with these products included. We offer pallet and tonnage discounts and  can deliver product straight to your farm. Contact your local SFG office for assistance to rid your livestock of this summertime pest.