Four Tips for Calving and Rebreeding Success

Mar 01, 2021

A nice tight 365-day calving cycle with more and bigger calves is ultimately the result of a year-round breeding plan for cattle. Preparing for calving and rebreeding at the same time puts you in a position to accomplish your breeding goals. How a cow calves out will impact how quickly she can be rebred. The speed of her rebreeding will impact her ability to stay on a 365-day cycle. Here are 4 tips to help you with that goal.

1. Maintain BCS before calving season

Cow body condition score at calving impacts how quickly a cow returns to heat cycle. Research shows cows with a 6 BCS rebreed with conception rates of 88% or greater. Cows bred early in the season result in calves born early in the season. Studies have shown calves born in the first 21 days are heavier at weaning. If a calf gains 2.25 to 2.5 pounds per day, every heat cycle is worth roughly 50 pounds of calf.

2. Evaluate your mineral program

Breeder minerals are very important 60-90 days before calving since they impact colostrum quality, calf mineral status and calf health. After calving, mineral plays a role in tissue repair and help prepare for breeding. If the reproductive tract is not fully repaired, a cow might be slow to rebreed. These minerals should continue through breeding season.

3. Think about cattle health

Make sure cow and calf vaccinations are part of your plan. Since every operation has a different risk level and calving time, this program should be specific to your operation. If you have family members or employees, make sure they understand the program before calving begins.

4. Troubleshoot

This one is easy. If it didn’t work last year, it probably won’t work this year. Calving and rebreeding are two of the most important events for your bottom line. If it didn’t work last year, now is an excellent time to troubleshoot and make adjustments for next year.

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