Book Creep Now Save Later

May 17, 2021

It is only May, but now is an excellent time to be thinking about booking your creep feed.  There are several reasons to be booking now. 

On the market side, our suppliers are only allowing us to lock-in pricing on creep through September thanks to wild market fluctuations. SFG was fortunate to lock-in a low price with savings we can pass on to you. Since then, the price has kept going up with no end in sight. It appears it will only get more expensive with time. Failure to reserve yours now could cost you quite a bit come fall.

When it comes to feeding the creep, you might consider putting it out sooner than usual. Our pastures appear to have not had their regular spring flush. Between dry conditions early on and colder than normal temperatures, grass has not been growing like it should be this time of year.  Also, it looks like hay may be in short supply later in the season. Feeding creep early can help stretch out pastures and reduce stress on the mother during this critical breeding season. 

Contact your SFG feed representative and get your creep price and supply locked up for the season!