Spring Chickens

May 31, 2022

The bird flu outbreak this year has created havoc in obtaining healthy chicks. To contain the virus, some farm stores have been unable to stock chicks for sale. Some hatcheries still have stock to ship. While SFG isn’t able to stock chickens these days, we do refer folks to Hoover’s Hatchery as we have had good luck selling their birds in the past. They sell to the general public and can ship birds straight to your home.
Meatmaker chicks are rapid growers. When feeding them, it is recommended to pull the feed from them overnight. This reduces the amount of death due to heart attacks. Also, the water and the feeders need to be elevated to develop strong leg muscles. Ducklings need fed an unmedicated feed for their entire life. We stock both medicated and non-medicated feeds, as well as a variety of game bird feeds. We also stock bedding, heat lamps, waterers, and feeders.
Contact your local Smith Fertilizer & Grain office for assistance with your poultry needs!