Spring Feeding of Cattle and Poultry

May 02, 2022

Spring is generally when everyone thinks of new offspring coming into the world. Baby chicks, ducks, and other poultry are being ordered for delivery. Feed and bedding are important items to be considered at this time. Ducklings and goslings need non medicated starter and grower feed, while chicks can take medicated or non-medicated feeds. Turkeys need higher protein feeds to be able to grow at an acceptable rate.
Meat maker chicks need special care for successful growth. The feed should be pulled away from them over night. Their rapid growth will cause them to have early deaths from heart attacks if allowed to always eat. Also, to keep them from having weak legs, the feeders and waterers should be elevated so they have to reach for the food and water. This keeps their leg muscles stronger.

Soon (hopefully) the weather will transition from cold to warm. However, the grass is not yet growing enough to sustain the livestock. We are still having to feed hay. Lick tubs are still a good option for supplementing the livestock’s nutritional needs, while helping to stretch the available hay supply.
Contact your local SFG office for your Cystalyx or EnergiLass tubs. Thank you for your business.