Pre-Calving Prep

Nov 27, 2023

We are coming into the pre-calving season for some people. As you know, planning doesn’t start when the cow hits the ground. A happy mama cow is the key to a healthy calf. Here are some important things to consider during this time.

Consider when your calves are born. Do you have a history of scours at calving time? If so, you should start feeding a mineral with bio-mos. Start feeding it 30 days before calving and continue through calving season. This product has great results at reducing scours.

If your cows are on corn stalks, they need protein to help digest them. We carry CrystaLyx HE20 protein tubs, along with Kent Energilass 34 protein tubs. If you want protein and mineral all in one tub, consider the CrystaLyx BGF30. This combines the benefits of a bio-moss mineral with an easy-to-place lick tub.

As I travel the countryside and visit with customers, I hear that many of you are running short on hay and are supplementing it with corn silage. We carry a variety of supplements to help supplement silage diets as well. Give us a call to see how we can help!

Before I close, I’d like to let everyone know about two upcoming open houses at our Milo and Albia locations. These are great opportunities to meet with nutritionists from Kent and Hubbard, where you can chat one-on-one with experts and get the advice you need to help your herd grow. December 13th we will be holding a Kent meeting at Milo, and December 19th a Hubbard meeting at Albia. Both events run all day with food and drink provided. Be sure to stop by!