Pre-Harvest Livestock Care

Oct 03, 2022

With harvest coming up and shorter days on the horizon, now is a good time to address any livestock issues. Be sure to check your cows for body condition. We all know hay and pasture are short right now – if your cows are thin, check with us on 20% protein tubs. These give your livestock a boost by helping improve forage digestibility and weight gain. If you’re weaning calves, check with us on stress feeds and stress tubs. Taking care of a stressed cow costs you more money than what you’d spend on preventing one. 

Get your tubs out now while there’s still daylight in the afternoon and you aren’t in the combine. When you do get busy and don’t have time to get to that grinder/mixer, be sure to give us a call. We can mix your feed and deliver it straight to your bunks and feeders. We can do any number of rations you may require. We can also make flatbed deliveries of bagged feed and tubs to save you a trip to town.

Have a safe harvest and be sure to keep us on your speed dial for all your animal nutrition needs!