Increase Returns with Blueprint Mineral

Oct 16, 2023

As we all know, supplementing our livestock rations with mineral is vital to their growth and development, and ultimately your return on investment. I could go on and on about how Hubbard's Blueprint mineral pays for itself, but rather than go over the details I'd like to offer customer testimonials:


Early last fall, our Hubbard Feeds representative stopped by the ranch to give us a heads up on the Blueprint® mineral program. We were very interested in the technology and research behind Blueprint. We discussed the program with ranch owner Tony Marletto and we decided to feed Blueprint to our heifer calves and first-calf heifers. The results from the heifers on Blueprint were the best we have ever had. On the 63 head of heifer calves we had a pregnancy rate of 100% and on our 79 firstcalf heifers we only had one open. This was much better than the competitor’s high-end chelated mineral we continued to feed our mature cow herd, which only had a pregnancy rate of 89%. We are definitely going to continue on the Blueprint program.
Kurt & Ronni Luoma — Rock Creek Land & Cattle, Philipsburg, MT


We have been buying our mineral from Hubbard Feeds for years, but last December our sales representative suggested we use Blueprint® through the winter into breeding season. The Blueprint technology and potential was interesting, and the price was also very comparable, so we gave it a try. We saw good health on the cattle, but what really sold us on the Blueprint program was the fact that we had a 100% pregnancy rate in a 52-day bull turn out.
Tom Helle — Helle Livestock, Dillon, MT


This year we’ve had the healthiest calves ever. Our veterinary expenses were much less once we started using the CRYSTALYX® Blueprint product, in fact our veterinary clinic wondered if we’d left them because they didn’t see us as much this year!
Monty and Matt Kline, Hurdsfield, ND


I have fed Blueprint® for several years. I have a better conception rate and have seen a noticeable improvement in haircoat and previous tail and foot issues. I took a break for a bit to try out a cheaper product and noticed a difference in conception rate so I switched back. My Hubbard rep makes things easy to understand and the product works."
Dan Ide, Lorimor, IA


“We currently use Blueprint® Mineral with Bio-Mos®2 and Blueprint® Fescue on our operation. We started using the calving mineral to combat scours in first and second season calves and scours just seemed to disappear. Despite some wet springs, calves have experienced stronger starts and have a lot more vigor. We then decided to give the fescue mineral a try. Even in the heat of the day, cows will be out eating and our tail loss has really improved. We were also having trouble with wind blowing away our previous mineral because it was too fine, but we don’t experience this issue with Blueprint because it is more coarse and consistent.”
Herb Burgus, Osceola, IA


"We started feeding the Blueprint 6% Phos low-moisture blocks (LMB) about two and a half years ago and have seen our conception rate go from 94% to about 96%. Our calving interval has tightened up, and the calves are more vigorous at birth. We have also observed improved fertility tests and increased scrotal circumference in the yearling bulls and improved semen quality in the mature bulls standing at stud.”
Cliff Copeland, Copeland Herefords, Nara Visa, NM


"Calves were 23 pounds heavier than they had ever sold, even in years when they fed creep feed. The Kopren calves were a highlight of the sale that day. “We used the same bull battery, no new genetics, and the same group of cows,” he said. “The only difference this year was Blueprint, and it paid off!"
Dale and Reid Kopren, Bison, SD

Hubbard Blueprint mineral, along with Crystalyx tubs and the rest of the Blueprint line, will get your cattle healthier, stronger, and bred back quicker. And right now SFG is offering a sale on Blueprint mineral. Stock up now and save all through the winter. With cattle prices at near-record highs, your return on investment will be even that much greater. Give me a call at 641-218-4232 today to discuss your options.

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