Invest in Stress Tubs

Sep 07, 2021

Any time we have to spend money, we need to analyze the cost. For many of us, lick tubs are often skimped on or looked over. Before you try to save a few dollars on a sub-par tub, consider the following:

Cost of a Brigade Lick Tub:

$3.75 per head for a 30 day period - $.125/DAY
ONE 250# barrel for 30 calves for 30 days

Benefits of using stress tubs:

• 68% fewer pulls and treatments - 50% less retreats
• Save an avg. cost per treatment of $21.79 (not including your labor or a vet visit)
• Brigade stress tubs had a 50% reduction in calf mortality - Cost of one 500 lb. calf, $700
• Higher feed intake, avg. of 1.4#/hd./day - Getting calves on feed is the name of the game
• Increase in ADG by .38/lb. per day = $.53 increase per day - Based on $1.40/lb., 500 lb. calf
• Improved feed efficiency - Avg. of .6 lbs. less feed per pound of gain

Stressed calf implications:

• Poor immune system
• Poor appetites
• Lowered feed efficiency
• Loss of weight
• More sick and dead calves
• Increase in labor and medicine costs

For just under thirteen cents per head, you have the ability to dramatically increase feed conversion and save on vet bills, while reducing a number of risks to your herd's health.

Stress tubs are definitely an investment, not an expense!