Supplementing Poor Pastures

Sep 20, 2022

The dry weather is rapidly deplenishing the available pastures for the livestock. Sporadic rains and heavy dews are not allowing the grass to catch up with the demand for feed. Some producers are already feeding their livestock to stretch what available growth there is. Some are considering early weaning to decrease the demand on the lactating females.
Creep feeding the calves reduces the stress on the cows and optimizes the calves’ growth potential at this time. Protein lick tubs will help keep the cows in better condition going into this dry fall before winter. If green chopping, make sure to chop the stalk high to avoid the nitrate buildup in the corn stalk. Barren stalks will have a larger concentration of nitrates due to not producing an ear of corn.
Contact your local SFG office for your livestock needs through this dry period.